This is what a meeting town looks like. Graettinger, IA. Non-RAGBRAI population: 844.


A french twist with my Elemental Child Nuit crown.

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And so it begins. Leaving Rock Valley. 6:30am


Dead Trees Are Anything But Dead

by Dani Tinker

I recently learned that dead trees provide vital habitat for more than 1,000 species of wildlife nationwide. The two most common types of dead wood you’ll find in your yard, along a trail or at a park are snags (upright) and logs (on the ground).

Despite their name, dead trees are crawling with life. From the basking lizards on top to the beetles underneath, the list of wildlife that depend on logs feels endless. Here’s a sampling of what you may find if you explore a log more closely. What have you observed on, under or near a dead tree? …

(read more: National Wildlife Federation)

photographs by D. Tinker, Avelino Meastas, Philip Poinier, and Danielle Brigada

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Bismuth Geode

Or a cyborg egg hatching. You decide. 

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R.I.P to all the friendships where we acted like lovers at some point, and now we barely talk.

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i’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

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